Welcome Dean Zhou from Hainan University visit to WANCE

2021-12-06   admin666

On November 26th, Dean Zhou Zhi of The School of Civil and Architectural Engineering of Hainan University visited Wantai to guide the work. Mr. An Jianping, chairman of WANCE, warmly received him and accompanied him to visit WANCE Wuhan R&D and manufacturing base.  


Zhou Zhi, dean, professor, doctoral supervisor, School of Civil And Architectural Engineering, Hainan University, deputy Director of Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials for Tropical Island Resources, Ministry of Education.  He is also a member of international Structural Health Monitoring Association, a standing member of China Structural Vibration Control and Health Monitoring Committee, a member of Equipment Structural Health Monitoring and Warning Branch of Chinese Instrument Society, editorial board of Pacific Science Review, Editorial board of China Testing, SPIE member, OSA  Member of Chinese Mechanics Society, etc.  He has completed more than 30 national, provincial and major engineering application and industrialization projects, published more than 160 academic papers (including more than 50 SCI or EI papers), authorized more than 20 national invention patents, won 4 national and provincial science and technology awards, and trained more than 50 post-doctoral, doctor and master students  


热烈欢迎海南大学土木建筑工程学院周智院长莅临万测指导工作394.pngDean Zhou came to guide the work of the company, visited the exhibition hall, experience center and production workshop, in the introduction of the chairman of the company Mr. An Jianping and field trip to understand the development of the company, product categories and production scale.  During the visit, Dean Zhou gave high evaluation and appreciation to the diversity, professionalism, innovation and production scale of All products, and gave valuable suggestions on the development and improvement direction of some products.  


Ask the wise, walk with the strong!  For dean Zhou's long journey to visit and guide the work, wanchang is very welcome and grateful, will always remember the responsibility and mission as a national testing machine brand.  In the future, WANCE will continue to improve, develop and strengthen its product quality and technical level, and is committed to providing professional and reliable test services for our customers. We sincerely welcome all expert leaders and customer representatives to visit wanzao for guidance!