Automated compression testing machine

2021-12-31   admin666

Recently, WANCE automated triple compression testing machine is accepted by end user in Guangzhou. The equipment with intelligent operating system, efficient working mode and professional detection technology has been highly appraised by customers, the work efficiency is far beyond the expected effect.


This automated system is to determine the compressive strength test of concrete continuously. The machine adopts six degrees of freedom intelligent robot to cooperate with three pressure testing machines to deliver samples, realizing automatic grasping, automatic identification, automatic detection and other functions of concrete samples. The equipment is equipped with intelligent protection and dustproof device, which can realize the functions of active safety protection, automatic cleaning and automatic dust removal of waste residue. The waste residue generated in the test can be automatically transferred to the special hydraulic unloading truck for cleaning through the material transfer device. In addition, the control program of the test system is highly intelligent, the detection data is accurate and reliable, and the whole testing process can be adjusted and optimized adaptively. The equipment can carry out all-weather operation, with the maximum production capacity up to 600 groups/day, which fundamentally liberates the testing personnel from the work of high labor intensity and repeatability, and comprehensively improves the testing efficiency and testing service ability.



WANCE actively responds to the national call to vigorously develop intelligent industry, and actively promotes the automation and intelligent development of testing machine industry. With strong r & D strength, professional technical team and huge sales team, the company continues to increase investment in the research and development of fully automatic test products. One after another successful research and development of the domestic advanced level of automatic tensile testing machine, robot automatic tension tester, robot automatic concrete pressure testing machine, automatic metal pendulum impact testing machine, robot automatic metal pendulum impact testing machine and so on many high-end intelligent products, product quality and technical level obtained the customer consistent high praise.

Customer demand and satisfaction is the driving force of our development. The successful use of the yituo three automatic intelligent concrete compressive strength testing system marks that our company has stepped to a new stage in the development process of the automatic test scheme. In the future, Wantai will continue to actively participate in the research and development of the automatic intelligent test system. Leading the high-quality development of testing industry with scientific and technological innovation!