WANCE focuses on the physical performance of student uniforms test solutions

2020-12-25   WANCE

         WANCE focuses on the physical performance of student uniforms test solutions

School uniforms, as the uniform prescribed by the school, frequently appear in the daily wear of students and children, so their quality has been the concern of all sectors of society, and related topics have been pushed to the forefront for many times, deeply valued by students' parents and national regulatory authorities.


Promulgated in accordance with the pledges inspect bureau, department of education of the fiber products quality supervision and management measures of article 17 of the regulations, "the student service shall be subject to the testing institutions with legal qualifications after the factory inspection, and shall not to use the unit", defined the enterprise makes the responsibility, the article 19 of the "students using unit shall provide quality qualified students wear", "shall be entrusted with the legal qualification of testing institutions to test students take", defined the school inspection duty. That is to say, the school uniforms to be issued to strictly implement the "double inspection" system, that is, when the school uniforms factory must be submitted for inspection, qualified after delivery to the school, the school must check, registration, acceptance inspection, qualified can be issued to the hands of students.


In order to ensure that the school uniform production conforms to the relevant regulations and quality requirements, the local supervision and administration authorities shall conduct quality supervision and spot check on the school uniform production enterprises. On December 17, 2020, Zhejiang market supervision administration published report, according to 2020 students in Zhejiang province clothing product quality supervision and spot check selectived examination of Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Huzhou, Jiaxing, Shaoxing, Jinhua, Quzhou, Lishui, Taizhou area of 10, 113 companies for production of 113 batches of students take products, found that eight batch product is unqualified, unqualified discovery rate is 7.08%, unqualified project related to fiber content, pH value, the instructions (id).

In addition, by referring to the provinces and cities over the years on the student service product quality supervision and spot check of the notification, it is not difficult to find that the quality of unqualified products are mainly concentrated in the following three aspects: unqualified safety technical indicators, unqualified labels and unqualified physical performance indicators. The physical performance indicators are not qualified, which will directly cause the occurrence of cracks, fabric tear, abrasion and other phenomena at the school uniform suture, affecting the overall wearability and service life.


According to GB/T 31888-2015 primary and middle school students school uniform and GB 18401-2010 "national textile product basic safety technical specifications" and so on, of national standard of student uniforms physical performance test should be included on joint strength yarn slippage, knitting, woven products the joint products breaking strength, bursting strength, woven products, wool knitted products such as burst strength.


As has long been a focus on market demand for professional testing machine supplier, thousands of research and development production ETM104B microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine, by changing the different test fixtures, to complete all kinds of textiles, fiber reinforced plastics, modified plastics, rubber, waterproofing materials, waterproofing coating, cable, adhesive, biological materials, strong body, small parts, paper, film, such as the spring tension, compression, bending, peel, cut, tear, bursting test, can effectively solve the students school uniforms physical performance test requirements.


Product quality concerns every one's personal health and safety, to all kinds of civil construction materials, small to uniform clothing, paper, material testing penetrated into every aspect of life, everyone as root material test solutions of high-tech enterprises, the experiment of measurement has been to provide professional and reliable products as own duty, hopes to materials research, quality analysis and quality control from all walks of life to make its own contribution. At the same time, for the quality of school uniforms, WANCE also called on all levels of education authorities and quality supervision departments, testing institutions to clear their responsibilities, closely cooperate with the formation of a joint regulatory force, effectively avoid substandard school uniforms into the campus.