HCT-D fully automatic compression testing machine

Capacity: 2000kN

This series of compression testing machine is widely used for compression strength determination of cement, concrete and rock. Equipped with optional fixtures and measurement devices, it can be used for concrete splitting tensile test and flexure test.

Standards: CS1, ASTM C39, AASHTO T22, GB/T 50081(Part 6)

Load frame
1. Ergonomically designed load frames ensure safety, reduce operator fatigue, and provide the highest level of flexibility.
2. Totally enclosed double spherical structure to improve flexibility, makes the stress more uniform, and improve the accuracy of loading force, ensure the concrete sample fracture uniformly.
3. Protection shield can guarantee the safety and observe testing situation.
Oil Cylinder
 The main oil cylinder loading in both directions; piston rod plating with Ni&Cr, coating thickness of 0.1mm, to enhance anti-corrosion property and abrasive resistance. One body casting piston to ensure impact resistance.

Fully enclosed sphere-seated platen
    Fully enclosed double spherical structure improves flexibility, makes the stress more uniform, and improves the accuracy of loading force, ensures the concrete sample fractures uniformly.
Load cell                   
 Built-in load cell is assembled inside the piston for direct measurement with high accuracy
 High precise load cell measures and captures sensitively tension and compression force, high accuracy load measurement resolution reaches 1/500000 with no steps.
 American brand load cell ensures high precision and repeatability.

Hydraulic power station                          
• Gear pump, with high pressure and stability, low noise and high cost performance.
• Using servo motormto reduce the number of hydraulic elements and valves, easy to install and maintenance.
• Pressure overload protection function: RV will over flow when the pressure overloaded, to ensure the safety.