• TSP-J plastic pendulum impact testing machine

    This series is widely used for Izod and Charpy impact test on plastics and plastic pipes. Equipped with tensile impact pendulum and fixtures, it can carry on tests on plastic film and sheet.

  • TSP501JA plastic pendulum with cooling chamber

    This series plastic pendulum impact testing machine is an instrument for testing the impact resistance of plastics, nylon, rubber, wood, glass reinforced plastics, composite plastic pipes, electrical insulation materials and other non-metallic materials under low temperature or normal temperature environment of dynamic load. It has touch screen type and compuerized type. This machine is easy to operate, it can automatically raise the pendulum, automatically open the cover, automatically heat preservation timing, automatic impact, automatic brake, automatic recording of experimental data and other functions. It can meet the environmental impact test at room temperature ~ -70℃. It can do simple support beam test, and can do cantilever beam test, support adjustment and replacement is convenient, strong applicability, is the hard plastic manufacturers, plastic pipe manufacturers, quality inspection units, scientific research institute and other essential testing equipment.

  • 750J robotic pendulum impact testing machine

    This machine is equipped with robot system, realizing automatically specimen charging, feeding and impact tests.