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20MPa PTM207A impuse test stand - oil

It is widely used in production inspection, development research and other fields of auto parts factory, product quality inspection institute, third-party testing center, scientific research institutions and so on. The test process and data collection are controlled by computer. The equipment has high technical integration, good stability, simple operation, reliable and durable.


  • With access control protection, monitoring system, failure protection, overtemperature alarm, liquid level alarm, fault information prompt functions;

  • The environmental temperature control system adopts PID, real-time control of the test process, using special control software to complete the automatic control of the test process and other functions;

  • The operation interface adopts high-speed data acquisition technology to provide data analysis function to meet the requirements of test analysis and special test data processing;

  • The internal structure is reasonable, the layout is beautiful, the use of non-welding pipeline connection, prevent running and leaking, and easy to install, adjust and maintenance.



Specimen type

Brake pipe, power steering pipe, power steering return pipe, high   pressure pipe, vacuum pipe, etc


GB 16897-2010,GB/T 7127.1-2000,GB/T   7127.2-2000,GB/T   7128-2008,ISO7628,GB/T   20461-2006,SAE   J189,SAE   J1401

Pressure range

1~ 20MPa

Impulse frequency

0.05 ~1.5Hz


Trapezoidal wave, sine wave


High temperature resistant hydraulic oil, brake fluid, mineral oil,   silicone oil, etc

Medium temperature

Ambient or -40~160℃

Chamber temperature

Ambient or -40~160℃


Hose connection; 90° bend; 180°  bend

Specimen quantity



High and low temperature environment chamber

Vibration system