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0.6MPa PTM605B impulse test stand - water

It is used for the pressure alternation test of automobile cooling water pipe, engineering water pipe, air conditioning pipe, sanitary pipe, etc. Involving quality inspection institutions, auto parts, aerospace, construction machinery, shipbuilding industry, colleges and universities, research institutes and many other fields.


  • Servo hydraulic control, can achieve a variety of waveform, temperature control system using PLC control, real-time control;

  • Specially designed and developed environment temperature box and medium temperature box, can be designed on the computer test program, monitoring the whole test process;

  • The internal structure is reasonable, the layout is beautiful, the use of non-welding pipeline connection, prevent running and leaking, and convenient maintenance;

  • The equipment has emergency stop function, liquid level alarm, overtemperature alarm stop, open the door stop, failure protection, motor overload alarm stop function,

  • Imported valves and control components, stable quality performance, long life, suitable for long time operation; NI controller and 10000 test from the main developed advanced measurement and control software, testing software mature and stable, simple operation, safe and reliable, all test process in line with the relevant national standards.




Specimen type

Cooling water pipe, engineering water pipe, air conditioning pipe,   sanitary pipe and so on


GMW14193, GMW14329, GMW14322, GMW14785, GMW16295

Pressure range

0.1 ~ 0.6MPa

Impulse frequency

0.05 ~1.5Hz


Trapezoidal wave, sine wave


Coolant, glycol and water mixture, etc

Medium temperature

Ambient RT+10~135 or -20~135

Chamber temperature

Ambient or -40~150


Hose connection; 90° bend; 180°  bend

Specimen quantity



High and low temperature environment chamber

Vibration system