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0.5MPa PTM505C impulse test stand - air

This testing machine is used in the automobile intake manifold, supercharging pipe, intercooling pipe, one-way valve body, nylon pipe and other cycle pressure durability and temperature durability test. The test process and data collection are controlled by computer. The equipment has high technical integration, good stability, simple operation, reliable and durable. It is widely used in automobile technology center, product quality inspection institute, auto parts factory, scientific research institutes and other institutions.



1. Use PC for data acquisition, process control and data processing; The interface dynamically displays test data and draws real-time time-pressure waveform;

2. PID adjustment of medium temperature, which can automatically adjust the output time of the given voltage of heating furnace according to the size of medium output flow. Stable temperature control, high efficiency and energy saving, with functions of ultra-high temperature, ultra-high pressure, leakage sound and light alarm, emergency stop, access control system;

3. The computer automatically stores the test data and generates the test report for printing; You can query the temperature at each point of the curve. The highest and lowest values of studio temperature and medium temperature are displayed during the test.

4. The peak pressure is automatically adjusted by proportional valve and sensor, only need to set on the interface, easy to operate. Computer controlled test can sample pressure, temperature, waveform, pulse times and other contents in real time. Can export test report in Office document format, and can edit freely.

5, the comprehensive test chamber has a transparent observation window, testing can observe the test condition, the operation space is large, convenient for personnel operation, pipeline connection design is reasonable, eliminate running and leaking, and convenient maintenance.



Specimen type

Supercharging pipe, intercooling pipe, intake manifold,   unidirectional valve body, nylon pipe, etc



Pressure range

0.1 ~ 0.5MPa

Impulse frequency

0.05 ~1.5Hz


Trapezoidal wave, sine wave


High temperature compressed air

Medium temperature

Ambient RT+10~230

Chamber temperature

-40~150 or    -70~230

Flow range



Hose connection

Specimen quantity



High and low temperature environment chamber