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1.5MPa PTM156B impulse test stand - fluid - PVT

This tester can be used for cooling water pipe, air conditioning pipe, automotive engine cooling system pipe, electric vehicle battery pack cooling system (new energy), motor cooling system (such as new energy) in the internal pressure pulse (P), the outer space vibration (V) and the high and low temperature environment (T) products fatigue life test under extreme conditions. The test process and data collection are controlled by computer. The equipment has high technical integration, good stability, simple operation, reliable and durable. It is widely used in automobile technology center, third-party testing center, automobile air conditioning pipeline factory, heat exchanger factory, scientific research institutes and other institutions.



1, according to the standard requirements of the test product pressure alternating fatigue, high and low temperature fatigue, vibration fatigue performance test. With automatic collection of test data, report generating function, storage and processing function, automatic establishment of test database, data can be queried at any time and long-term storage.

2, high quality hydraulic components and control components, high performance vibration system and three integrated box to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment for a long time operation. High quality components combined with advanced control technology, higher control precision.

3, water pulse equipment can achieve the diversity of test waveforms, can achieve trapezoidal wave, sine wave, triangle wave, rectangular wave, water hammer wave, combined wave and other waveforms, to meet various customer standard requirements.

4, hydraulic control cabinet will hydraulic station and medium system organic combination together, the overall use of skid mounted structure, easy to carry and installation, maintenance, the overall appearance of the equipment coordination and beautiful atmosphere.

5, the equipment has quite complete safety function, with overtemperature alarm, overpressure alarm, liquid level alarm, motor overload alarm, leakage alarm stop, open the door automatic stop and other functions.



Specimen type

Automotive cooling water pipe, air conditioning pipe, battery pack   cooling system, new energy cooling system, etc


GMW14785GMW14193GMW14329GMW14322GMW16295TL52361   MESPA15185ESDG93-8260-AAPF90080

Pressure range

0.15 ~ 1.5MPa

Impulse frequency

0.1 ~1Hz


Trapezoidal wave, sine wave, convex wave, triangle wave


A mixture of ethylene glycol and water

Medium temperature


Chamber temperature



Electromagnetic vibration, 10kN, 20kN, 30kN

Vibrating frequency


Vibrating displacement


Specimen quantity