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30MPa PTM307A-RFW ABS high frequency impluse test stand

This impulse testing machine is for motorcycle and automobile ABS system, ABS brakes, brake tubes, brake pumps and other pulse testing requirements.  The device simulates the actual working condition of the test piece in the operating system.  It is widely used in automobile industry, motorcycle industry, product quality inspection institute, third-party testing center, scientific research institutions and other fields.  



1, servo control system automatic control; Before the start of the test, the large cycle automatically emptying; Pulse pressure, test times and pulse waveform can be set by computer.

2, with automatic stop protection function after the specimen is damaged, suitable for unguarded; The fixture is suitable for quick connection of hose assembly; The main components are imported parts, safe and reliable;

3. The internal structure is reasonable, the layout is beautiful, the use of non-welding pipeline connection, prevent running and leaking, and convenient maintenance; The system is compact in structure, easy to upgrade, easy to install, adjust and maintain

4. Overtemperature, overpressure, leakage alarm stop, open the door automatic stop, automatic stop in case of failure and other safety protection functions;

5, interface dynamic display test data, and draw real-time time-pressure waveform, waveform curves smooth; NI data acquisition software is used for real-time analysis and storage, and the experimental report can be generated for printing.



Specimen type

Motorcycle and automobile ABS system, ABS brake, brake tube, brake   pump, etc  



Pressure range

1.5 ~ 30MPa

Impulse frequency

0.1 ~10Hz


Trapezoidal wave


Braking fluid

Medium temperature


Chamber temperature


Specimen quantity