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70MPa LTM707A bend fatigue test stand

This bending fatigue testing machine can be used for aviation and military pipelines and other test parts under specific temperature pressure sealing, bending performance test.  The test process and data collection are controlled by computer. The equipment has high technical integration, good stability, simple operation, reliable and durable.  It is widely used in technical centers, product quality inspection institutes, scientific research institutes and other institutions.  


1. To simulate the actual working condition of the test piece in operation, the test piece can be tested for pressure resistance, sealing and bending fatigue at specific temperature according to the standard requirements;  

2, the equipment has the function of automatic collection, storage and processing of test data, automatic establishment of test database, data can be queried at any time and long-term storage;  

3. Use LABVIEW to develop special control software, which can realize multi-channel closed-loop control;  Test process automatic control, automatic measurement, with professional, high reliability, easy to upgrade and other characteristics;  

4, the structure design of the testing machine adopts a unified style, the overall appearance of the equipment is harmonious and beautiful atmosphere;  The internal structure is reasonable, the layout is beautiful, the use of non-welding pipeline connection, prevent running and leaking, convenient maintenance;   

5. Adopt Siemens PLC;  High quality hydraulic components and control components ensure the safety and stability of the equipment for long time operation.  



Specimen type

Aviation hose and   manifold, steel wire reinforced rubber hose, plastic hose and hose   assemblies, engineering hydraulic hose, pipe fittings, etc  



Pressure range

2 ~ 70MPa


Aviation lubricating   oil

Medium temperature

Same as chamber temperature

Chamber temperature


Moving travel


Bending rate

70±10 cycles/min

Bending direction

Up and down

Specimen connection

Connecting fixture can   realize the specimen installation Angle of 180°; The fixed end can be   adjusted in the horizontal direction, the horizontal adjustable length ≥600mm

Specimen quantity