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0.7MPa PTM705C impulse test stand - air

This testing machine is used for alternating high temperature gas pressure test of air-cooled intercooler, water-cooled intercooler and pipe joint of automobile. Test whether the intercooler can complete the cycle number specified in the standard under high and low temperature conditions. It is widely used in auto parts factories, product quality inspection institutes, third-party testing centers, scientific research institutions and other fields.



1. Using tubular heating element as heating element, with advanced structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics;

2. The peak pressure is automatically adjusted by proportional valve and sensor, only need to set on the interface, easy to operate;

3. PID adjustment of medium temperature, which can automatically adjust the output time of the given voltage of the heating wire according to the size of medium output flow, stable temperature control, and high efficiency and energy saving;

4, computer control test can be real-time sampling pressure, temperature, waveform, pulse times and other content. Can export test report in Office document format, and can edit freely;

5, the comprehensive test chamber has a transparent observation window, testing can observe the test condition, the operation space is large, convenient for personnel operation, pipeline connection design is reasonable, eliminate running and leaking, and convenient maintenance.



Specimen type

Air cooled intercooler, water cooled intercoole


GB/T23338-2009,QC/T828-2010,JB/T10408-2004   GMW14191-010,GMW15803,TL82132-2007

Pressure range


Impulse frequency

0.05 ~1Hz


Sine wave, trapezoid wave


Coolant, glycol and water mixture, etc

Medium temperature

RT, RT+10~230

Chamber temperature

RT, -40~150

Specimen connection

Hose connection

Specimen quantity