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30MPa PTM307B pressure alternating test stand

This testing machine is used for alternating pressure/pulse test of fire extinguishers (including dry powder fire extinguishers, water-based fire extinguishers and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers) and other standard gas cylinders and water purifiers. The test process is controlled by computer, the test is completed by one key, and the data is collected synchronously. The equipment has high technical integration, good stability, simple operation, reliable and durable. Widely used in the Ministry of Public Security fire research Institute, provincial and ministerial product quality inspection center, building materials research institute, third party special inspection center and other fields of production inspection, development and research.



1, the equipment can adjust and control the cycle pressure, cycle frequency, pressure holding time and through the automatic control device continuous pressure cycle function;

2, advanced equipment booster pump has good sealing and stability, can meet the pressure cycle frequency and waveform stability;

3, the pressure strength of the pressure pipe of the equipment fully meets the requirements of pulse test, and the equipment has the function of overpressure shutdown and safety delay alarm;

4, the internal structure of the equipment is reasonable, the layout is beautiful, the use of non-welding pipeline connection, prevent running and leaking, and easy to install, adjust and maintenance.




Specimen type

Fire extinguishers, gas cylinders, purifiers



Pressure range

1.6 ~ 30MPa

Impulse frequency

6 cycles / min



Test waveform

Trapezoidal wave

Medium temperature


Chamber temperature


Specimen connection

Hose connection

Specimen quantity

1~3, Cart type bottle body 1 piece