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100MPa BTM108B burst test stand for fire extinguisher

This test stand is used in water pressure burst test of fire extinguisher and other pressure vessel. The test process is controlled by computer, the test is completed by one key, and the data is collected synchronously. The equipment has high technical integration, good stability, simple operation, reliable and durable. Widely used in the Ministry of Public Security fire research Institute, provincial and ministerial product quality inspection center, building materials research institute, third party special inspection center and other fields of production inspection, development and research.


1. The equipment can complete the test of fire extinguisher weight and initial water injection weight, complete the whole experimental process of pressing, maintaining pressure, boosting pressure again, identifying blasting, calculating expansion, maintaining data and generating reports with one click;

2, explosion-proof box is made of thickened steel plate and bullet-proof glass observation window, equipped with waterproof lighting and electromagnetic lock, locked before the test, to ensure the absolute safety of the test personnel;

3, the sensor is placed in the easy disassembly part, and reserved pressure port, convenient for users to send or online calibration;

4, the equipment has automatic collection, storage and processing functions, automatic establishment of database, database can be queried at any time and long-term storage, with report generation function;

5, the equipment adopts PLC control; High quality hydraulic components and control components ensure the safety and stability of the equipment for long time operation.



Specimen type

Fire extinguishers, pressure vessels



Pressure range

1~100 MPa

Pressure generation

Multistage air drive liquid booster pump

Pressure control

Electric proportional valve

Rate of pressure rise


Expansion test



Water, 100L

Medium temperature


Chamber temperature


Specimen connection

Burt test fixture

Specimen quantity