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20MPa BTM207B hydrostatic test stand (water)


BTM207B large volume water pressure testing machine is mainly for large volume, relatively small expansion of heat exchanger, pressure vessel, water tank and engineering pipeline hydrostatic pressure test. The testing machine uses advanced computer measurement and control technology, widely used in factories, third-party testing centers, scientific research institutions and other industries of quality inspection, development and research.  



1, the equipment has automatic filling water, evacuation, pressurization, pressure relief, drainage function;  With automatic pressure relief, alarm, automatic stop operation or manual stop operation function;  

2. The equipment runs stably and reliably, and can meet the requirements of long-term non-stop operation;  Servo electric pump can be started frequently under full load, pressure control system components are adopted well-known brands in the industry.  High life and good performance.  Servo motor can accurately control the rate of pressure increase, and ensure the accuracy of pressure;  

3, test pressure, pressure holding time, boost and step-down rate and other parameters can be set according to the test requirements, automatic collection and processing of test data function, automatic establishment of test database, can be queried at any time, data can be stored for a long time.  Test curve and parameters can be displayed in real time, and test results can be stored and recorded; 

4, with overpressure, timeout alarm, liquid level alarm, abnormal alarm, overload protection, emergency pressure relief, safety stop function;  The main components and the high pressure pipeline material is stainless steel, to prevent rust, the use of non-welded pipeline connection, to prevent running and leaking;   

5, The use of LABVIEW development of special control software, can achieve multi-channel closed-loop control;  Test process automatic control, automatic measurement, with good professionalism, high reliability, easy to upgrade and other characteristics, and with the development of testing machine measurement and control technology and the change of test standards and constantly upgrade and improve.  







Engineering pipes, low pressure vessels, refueling air conditioning   heat exchangers, etc

Specimen volume



0.5 ~ 20MPa


Servo electric pump

Pressure accuracy


Pressure control accuracy


Rate of pressure rise


Test medium


Medium temperatuer


Chamber temperature


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