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300MPa BTM308B burst test stand


BTM308B burst test stand is used in the burst test of engineering high-pressure pipe, aviation hydraulic pipe, alloy pipe, automobile high-pressure pipe, pipe joint and so on. It can simulate the test specimen under high temperature and low temperature environment, and the pressure boost rate needs to be strictly controlled.  The equipment is suitable for quality inspection institutions, auto parts, aerospace, construction machinery, shipbuilding industry, colleges and universities, research institutes and many other fields.  



1. The diversity of test waveforms can realize the curve of direct booster blasting, one-stage booster pressure-preserving pressure-resisting blasting and multi-stage booster pressure-preserving pressure-resisting blasting;  The use of special control software, complete the test process of automatic control and other functions;   

2, with imported pneumatic hydraulic pump to produce high pressure source, PID control pressure rate, the use of blasting safety protection tools, high reliability, the overall structure of skid mounted design, compact system structure, stable performance;   

3, the liquid pressurization part adopts high and low pressure control, to ensure the pressure control precision of low pressure and high pressure test pressure control;   

4, the internal structure is reasonable, the layout is beautiful, the use of non-welding pipeline connection, eliminate running and leaking, and convenient maintenance;   

5, the equipment adopts PLC control;  High quality hydraulic components and control components ensure the safety and stability of the equipment for long time operation.  







Engineering high pressure pipe, aviation hydraulic pipe, alloy pipe,   automobile high pressure pipe, pipe joint, etc 


5 ~ 300MPa

Pressure boost

Multistage air drive liquid booster pump

Pressure accuracy


Pressure control accuracy


Rate of pressure rise


Test medium

Water or hydraulic oil

Medium temperature

RT or RT~150℃

Chamber temperature

RT or -40~150℃

Specimen No.