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15MPa BTM157B burst test stand


BTM157B burst test stand is used for conventional blasting test of automobile pipelines, pipe joints, evaporator, condenser, radiator, compressor and so on.  The test pressure, pressure rate and other parameters can be set in the test program, after setting the machine can be completed automatically.  Test the maximum pressure of the specimen under normal temperature, and judge whether the quality of the specimen meets the requirements according to relevant standards.  Involving quality inspection institutions, auto parts, aerospace, construction machinery, shipbuilding industry, colleges and universities, research institutes and many other fields.  



1, the gas drive pump can be frequently started under full load, all pneumatic components are imported products, high life, good performance;   

2, blasting judgment pressure, test pressure, pressure holding time and other parameters can be set according to the test requirements.  With overpressure, timeout, leakage alarm function;   

3, test data automatic collection and processing function, automatic establishment of test database, can be queried at any time, data can be stored for a long time.  Test curve and parameters can be displayed in real time, and test results can be stored and recorded;   

4. You can export the stored data in Office document format.  After the test is completed, the test report can be printed and the test pressure curve can be edited freely.   

5, the main components and high pressure pipeline material is stainless steel material, test medium for water or high temperature hydraulic oil.  






Automobile pipeline,   evaporator, condenser, radiator, compressor, etc


0.5 ~ 15MPa

Pressure boost

Air-on-fluid pump

Pressure accuracy


Pressure control   accuracy


Rate of pressure rise


Test medium


Medium temperature

RT or RT-150℃

Chamber temperature

RT or -40~150℃

Specimen No.