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100MPa BTM108A burst test stand


     BTM108A high and low temperature servo burst test stand is used in high and low temperature burst  test of engineering hydraulic pipe, aviation hydraulic pipe, water tank, automobile pipeline, pipe joint, valve group, gas cylinder, pressure vessel and so on.  The test pressure, temperature, pressure rate and other parameters can be set in the test program, after setting the machine can be completed automatically.  Test the maximum pressure of the specimen under normal temperature, and judge whether the quality of the specimen meets the requirements according to relevant standards.  Involving quality inspection institutions, auto parts, aerospace, construction machinery, shipbuilding industry, colleges and universities, research institutes and many other fields.  



1. The diversity of test waveforms can realize the curve of direct booster blasting, one-stage booster pressure-preserving pressure-resisting blasting and multi-stage booster pressure-preserving pressure-resisting blasting;   

2, the test process through the interface setting, controlled by the program, the end of the test or abnormal automatically stop;  Test pressure in the allowable range of self-set, and real-time detection;   

3. The structure design of hydraulic control cabinet and test box adopts a unified style, and the overall appearance of the equipment is harmonious and beautiful;   

4, emergency stop can be manually discharged specimen and equipment internal pressure;  There are safety observation window and light in the blasting box to facilitate observation of the test situation and ensure the safety of observers;   

5, with hydraulic station and pressurized cylinder to produce high pressure source, hydraulic servo valve control, the main components are imported products, with stable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance characteristics.  






Aviation hydraulic pipe, automobile hose, hard pipe, pipe fittings,   valve set, etc


3~100 MPa

Pressure boost


Pressure accuracy


Pressure control accuracy


Rate of pressure rise


Test medium

Water or hydraulic oil

Medium temperature

RT~150℃ or -40~150℃

Chamber temperature

RT+30~150℃ or -40~150℃