Full-auto extensometer


Automatic extensometer is used for automatic measurement of specimen extension during tensile tests, including axial and transverse measurement. The axial part can automatically adjust gauge length, clamp and loosen specimen, measure specimen length deformation. The transverse part can automatically clamp and loosen specimen, measure specimen width deformation. Modulus of elasticity, percentage elongation at fracture, plastic strain ratio(r) and tensile strain hardening exponent (n) of sheet metal and thin strip are determined according to the measured value.



·          Adopt imported grating displacement meter, resolution can reach 0.05μm.

·          Clamping arm can automatically clamp or loosen the specimen, saving man power and improving accuracy

·          Unique structure design can track the specimen deformation until fracture, but without damage to extensometer

·          The axial gauge length can change within 15mm-205mm automatically according to software setup.

·          The special design of clamping edge for axial measurement can greatly meet the sheet and bar material testing requirement.

·          Be able to determine plastic strain ratio(r) of sheet metal and thin strip accurately.


Main accessories

Ø   High precision HEIDENHAIN grating displacement meter(MT1271, MT2571)   2 sets

Ø   MAXAN  DC motor   2 sets

Ø   DC speed reducer motor imported from Japan   1 set

Ø   Automatic extensometer axial measuring device   1 set

Ø   Automatic extensometer transverse measuring device (optional)  1 set

Ø   Clamping arm: 2 set

Ø   Extensometer bracket 1 set