All test systems are backed by Wance group and global business partners with years of experiences in the testing field. We will provide life-cycle management for all your test systems, and committed to guarantee maximum uptime of your test systems. From pre-installation to decommission, at any time, Wance has the professional services solutions to meet your needs. 

Onsite services

Wance builds the most reliable test solutions, but long time tests ultimately will wear the machine down. Wance will response to your requests to provide quick and efficient support or repair. Wance can also assist you with installation and movement of your test equipment. 


Wance training program is designed to improve operating efficiency and system performance. Training courses can be customized for your specific needs. Training in Wance facility is totally free. 

Upgrade solutions
With technology development, an upgrade is the most economical way to expand your lab capabilities and extend your test system life. Wance will provide all upgrade spare parts: mechanical components, controller and software.