EN 10 045-1: Charpy impact test on metallic materials - Part 1: Test method (V-and U-notches)

2017-07-07   WANCE

This Part of this European Standard describes the Charpy impact test (U and V-notch) for metallic materials.

For certain particular metallic materials and applications, the Charpy impact test may be the subject of specific standards and particular requirements. The test consists of breaking by one blow from a swinging pendulum, under conditions defined hereafter, a test piece notched in the middle and supported at each end. The energy absorbed is determined in joules. This absorbed energy is a measure of the impact strength of the material.

The testing machine shall be constructed and installed rigidly and shall be in accordance with European Standard 10 045-2. WANCE PIT series pendulum impact testing machine has a few models for selection: PIT-C, PIT-D, PIT-G, and PIT-H.