ASTM A370 - test methods of steel products

2017-07-07   WANCE
These test methods2 cover procedures and definitions for the mechanical testing of wrought and cast steels, stainless steels, and related alloys. The various mechanical tests herein described are used to determine properties required in the product specifications. Variations in testing methods are to be avoided, and standard methods of testing are to be followed to obtain reproducible and comparable results. In those cases in which the testing requirements for certain products are unique or at variance with these general procedures, the product specification testing requirements shall control.


Wance testing machine can satisfy bend test, tension test, and pendulum impact test.

Bend test – HBT and RBT series

Tension test – ETM series type D and HUT series type A, B, C and D

Charpy impact test – PIT series type C, type D, type G and type H


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