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HTM-A plastic pipe hdrostatic burst testing machine


HTM series type A hydrostatic and burst testing machine features compact structure design and simple to use. It is specifically used for time-to-failure test of plastic pipe under constant internal pressure, and for test of resistance to short-time hydraulic pressure of plastic pipe, tubing, and fittings.  

Max pressure: 10Mpa, 16Mpa, 20Mpa 


GB/T 6111, GB/T 15560, GB/T 18997.1, GB/T 18997.2, ISO1167, EN921, ASTM F1335, ASTM D1598 

New feature

Leakage judge

Rupture identification

Overpressure protection

No-water protection

Automatic test saving when power off

Continuous test after power recovery

Test curve explore

Calibration function 

Reliability & Durability 

Advance OMRON PLC specially designed for industrial use offers closed loop control of working pressure and pressure compensation with high reliability and stability, allowing 10000 hours continuous test without failure

Learnt from Denmark technology, accumulator is used for general pressure output, reducing frequent start of motor and pump ,prolonging services life and improving pressure control accuracy

Imported components ensure high reliability and precision, such as pressure transducer, electromagnetic valve, electromagnetic valve, and electric pump 

Accumulator for pressure compensation reduces working time of motor and pressurizing system, improves pressurizing system life and ensures pressure accuracy

Imported electric pump ensures high stability and reliability, and improves accuracy of pressurizing speed and control

Water filter provides high precision filtering with big flow rate and stainless mesh

Stainless SS316 piping system features high reliability and durability.  


Wide view full color touch screen is simple for operation without PC

Professional test software is powerful and simple to use. Real-time display of pressure-time graphics of each stations; real-time display data, and print test report; test data and report complies with OFFICE and test report is programmable according to user’s requirements 

Automatically sample and analyze test data, generate test curve, save test data, and build test report.

Modular design: user authorization management, test process setup, test curve analysis, test data review and calibration.

Real-time display of time-pressure curve and time-temperature curve.

Powerful test parameter setup allows hydrostatic test, burst test and graduation pressuring test.

Continuous test function: under conditions of sudden power off or no water supply, the test can be continued with saved database after recovery.

Curve explore: zoom in or out to view the curve, also compare multiple curves in one window.

Report can be export to Excel, both test data and test curve.

Additional function can be added: LAN connection and report template design


1~64 test stations are available to accommodate multiple tests separately without interference on each other

Continuous test after power reset saves time for test

6 types of standard size water tank are selectable for various sizes of test specimens. Specimen can either be horizontally positioned, or vertically. Water tank can be customized for non-standard shape or size of specimen. Water tank is made of stainless steel with perfect heat preservation; auto water compensating ensures test reliability

Optional low temperature cooling system permits non-ambient test with temperature ranging 20~95

The end closures use German technology. Various types are available to satisfy different requirements. It’s simple to prepare samples with perfect sealing