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DIT-A (300J)

Maximum impact energy:  300J



ISO 3127, ISO 4422,

BS EN 12608, BS EN 744, BS 2782-11: method 1108C

ASTM D2444,

GB/T 14152, GB/T 10002.1, GB/T 8814, GB/T 6112, GB/T 14153, GB/T 11548



This series Drop Weight Impact Testing Machine is designed to test impact resistance performance for thermoplastic pipes



1.     Automatic locking for second impact

2.     Automatically locate the striking zero point

3.     Automatic lift the tup to the preset height

4.     Crosshead movement to adjust the test space

5.     PLC controls for drop height location with high stability and high accuracy

6.     Smooth column for guiding to ensure precise striking point with small resistance

7.     Safety enclosure to protect from broken specimensimage.png