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TSP-J plastic pendulum impact testing machine

This series is widely used for Izod and Charpy impact test on plastics and plastic pipes. Equipped with tensile impact pendulum and fixtures, it can carry on tests on plastic film and sheet.

Special features

  • Automatically raise the pendulum by servo motor after each impact test

  • Various angle impact test: 30~150° raise angle can be preset

  • One-body casting seat strictly complies with ISO and ASTM standards that seat mass must be 40 times than pendulum mass. No extra foundation is needed

  • Optional instrumented impact testing system


ISO 179, ISO 180, ISO 8256, ISO 9854.1, ASTM D256, ASTM D1822


Capacity: 50J

Charpy: 7.5J   15J   25J   50J

IZOD: 5.5J   11J   22J

Tensile impact: 7.5J   15J   25J

Angle resolution:  0.045°

Impact angle: 30°~150°

Dimension: 1050x610x890mm

Weight:  200kg

Air supply needed: 0.6~0.8MPa