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Laser gauge length marking machine

Standards: ISO 6892-1, GB/T 228.1, GB/T 4338



·          Use high-power laser emission device with polarized lens to realize the movement of laser marking position.

·          Send the specimen to the marking range of the laser head by using the specimen tray to traverse.

·          The specimen tray can be placed in 12 specimens at a time, which basically meets the requirements of one test.

·          You can use a computer to control the polarized lens in the form of data import to leave more text information on the surface of the specimen.


Operating procedures

·        Placing the specimens to the corresponding position of the automatic delivery mechanism tray;

·        Press the start button, and the sample is sent to the working range of the laser head step by step at 65mm pitch under the driving of the stepping motor.

·        The laser head works to leave traces or related marks on the surface of the sample.

·        After finishing the marking of one specimen, the specimen tray moves to the next position, and the laser head works. In this way until all samples complete the marking gauge length operation.

·        At this time, when the specimen tray is full, the specimen tray automatically returns to the initial position after all the marking operations are completed to facilitate the operator to specimens.

·        When the tray is not filled with specimens and when all the specimens are completed, the operator can press the stop button to stop the device and return to the original position to facilitate the operator to specimens.


Delivery mechanism

The specimen delivery mechanism is mainly used to load the specimens and move them to the working range of the laser head, as shown in the figure below.

1.   Left pulley

2.   Left stroke switch

3.   Stroke switch contact plate

4.   Pallet

5.   Linear slide rail

6.   Right stroke switch

7.   Specimen tray

8.   Right pulley

9.   Reducer

10. Stepper motor

Protective cover

The protective cover is composed of dark glass, which can effectively protect the operator's eyes from the strong light damage caused by laser focus, as shown in the figure.


The cabinet is equipped with three doors that can be opened to facilitate maintenance and repair of the laser power computer host and electrical system placed inside, as shown in the figure.

Operation panel


Main function button area

·        Power: Start the whole machine control system;

·        Emergency stop: emergency power-off operation for the specimen delivery mechanism;

·        Start: start the specimen delivery mechanism and start the marking;

·        Stop: Pause the specimen delivery mechanism and stop the marking.


Laser head height adjustment area

·        Rise: the laser head rises

·        Decline: laser head drops


Computer monitor

Used to set the laser head marking parameters.




Marking range(mm)


Optional gauge length(mm)

50, 80, 100


5, 10

Accuracy of gauge length

±0.5% / 0.15mm (choose the big value)

Marking velocity

12 specimens / 1.5min

Minimum marking line width(mm)


Maximum specimen dimensions: Length×Width×Thickness(mm)


Minimum specimen parallel section: Length×Width×Thickness(mm)




Weight (kg)