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Compression flexural testing machine

This type of machine is to determine the compression strength of building materials. 


GB/T50081-2002, GB/T17671-1999, EN196, ISO 679, ASTM C 109 and C 349 

High Quality at affordable price

Ø  Servo motor driven lead screws and heavy duty bearings provides high stiffness with high reliability and stability

Ø  Robust guidance columns increase lateral stiffness and ensure linear crosshead travel. This results in accurate crosshead alignment thus reducing variability in measurement data and producing better overall accuracy

Ø  Non-clutched drives, rated for full speed at maximum force

Ø  Photoelectrical encoder built in servo motor system is for position measurement of crosshead

Ø  Built-in high precision load cell ensures direct measurement of compression force

Ø  Dual action over-travel limits on all frames provide the highest level of safety and meet all international standards

Ø  Full one-year warranty on parts and labor

Ø  Free software upgrading