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Model: PIT204, PIT304, PIT404, PIT105

Impact energy: 20000J, 30000J, 40000J, 100000J


This type of machine is used for the DWTT test on the ferrite steel, pipeline steel and other metallic materials. DWTT impact energy is measured under dynamic loading, to judge impact-resistance performance of the specimen, and to observe the specimen fracture surface in their temperature transition region from non-ductility to ductility. It is widely used in research and development of high specification thick pipeline steel and ferrite steel.


ASTM E436, GB/T 8363, API RP 5L3



1.           Heavy duty seat and frame ensures stiffness and accuracy, reducing shock after impact.

2.           High strength pendulum body ensures stiffness in axial and transverse direction.

3.           Three types of pendulum raising device provides three types of impact energy without changing pendulum.

4.           Automatic control: specimen feeding, impacting, pendulum raising and specimen collecting can be fully automatically operated.

5.           Apply servo motor as the power to raise pendulum with constant torque output and precise raising. Cycloidal-pin gear speed reducer directly drives clutch with more advantages of simple structure, high speed-reduction ratio, high overload resistance, high efficiency, and small size and easy to maintain.

6.           Equipped with specimen feeding and positioning device provides rapid feeding, precise positioning, high efficiency and safety, and reducing labor intensity. 

7.           Equipped with pneumatic braking device avoids clutch working at high speed, reduces clutch impact abrasion, and extend its life.

8.           Equipped with multiple energy display device showing test results at the same time.

9.           Equipped with specimen collecting device, bring the tested specimen out of the machine. It allows operator to collect specimen without going inside, greatly improving efficiency and working safety.

10.         Full-closed safety shield prevents splitting of cracked specimen. Limit switch on the door ensures operator’s safety.

11.        Apply German Siemens S7-200 series PLC as controller. Full-automatic operation reduces labor intensity, and improves working efficiency and safety.




Standard Accessories:  


Bao STEEL (China)

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