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Notch broach for Charpy (metal)

This type of machine is specifically designed for preparing notch specimens for Charpy test.


ISO148, EN10045, ASTM E23, JIS Z 2242, GOST 9454, GB/T229


Broacher travel: 340±10mm

Speed: 2-3m/min

Lubrication system: lubricating oil circulation, oil is adjustable

Hydraulic oil: L-HM46

Oil volume: 20L, prepared by customer

Power consumption: 500W

Power requirements: 3-phase, 5-line, AC 380V±10%, 50Hz

Machine dimension (L x W x H): 430 x 750 x 1250mm

Weight: 200kg

Test Specimen:

Specimen size: 10x10(7.5, 5, 2.5)x55mm

Specimen hardness≤HRC40

Notch type:

V2 type (ISO148) and Type A (ASTM E23)

U5 type (ISO148, GB/T229, Gost 9454) and Type C (ASTM E23) , non-standard type, short using life, no warranty

 Optional notch type:

U2: depth 2mm, width 2mm, r=1mm±0.05mm, comply with GB/T229, Gost 9454

U3: depth 3mm, width 2mm, r=1mm±0.05mm, comply with Gost 9454

IZOTECH (Russia)