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HDT VICAT testing machine


This series of HDT/VICAT testing machine is mainly used to determine temperature of deflection under load and Vicat softening temperature of thermoplastic plastics, pipes and fittings.

High integration of the equipment, the configuration of the implementation components and sensors make the equipment with high reliability, high temperature resistance, small deformation, sensitive response, accurate data transmission and other characteristics; The use of the equipment with the chiller can be doubled to improve the utilization rate of the equipment. The test station is made of low expansion coefficient alloy, which can meet the standard requirements within 200℃ without correction. This machine is widely used in thermoplastics and polymer materials Vicat softening temperature and load deformation temperature test. It is especially suitable for the production, inspection, development and research of products and materials by pipe manufacturers, product quality checkpoints, construction engineering quality checkpoints, construction companies, scientific research colleges and other units.



ISO2507, ISO75, ISO306, ASTM D648, ASTM D1525

GB/T 8802, GB/T 1633, GB/T 1634



Ø  HDT and VICAT test can be conducted at the same time

Ø  The test station has minimal deformation under heat, and the deflection temperature without correction can reach 200℃

Ø  The test station has the function of automatic loading and automatic lifting, which eliminates manual handling of weights

Ø  Compared with traditional design, the volume of the tank is reduced by more than 50%, which effectively reduces the user's use cost

Ø  Switzerland made high precision micrometer provides high accurate displacement measurement with high stability

Ø  Up to six test stations, maximally up to six deformation transducers, and one temperature transducer

Ø  All test stations are motor-driven, raised from the bath by the touch of a button on the control panel, allowing easy placement of the test specimen

Ø  Once the software is started, the test is completely automatic and is performed according to the user-defined program. Upon test completion, it will automatically cool the bath to the starting temperature in preparation for subsequent tests. The initial cooling temperature is high, up to 280℃, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment.

Ø  Professional test software with friendly interface, easy to operate



If equipped with the chiller, it can quickly cool the oil and greatly accelerate the cooling efficiency. Compared with the traditional cooling method, it has the following advantages:

l  The initial cooling temperature is high, up to 280℃.

l  The cooling speed is fast, and the cooling time can be reduced to 45min when the equipment is used with the chiller, which greatly improves the utilization rate and working efficiency of the equipment.

l  The initial temperature of heating is low, and the use of the chiller can cool the oil to below 25℃, reducing the test error; This can meet the requirements for the initial temperature of the heating device specified in ISO ASTM standards.

l  To save water resources, the tank is cooled by the water chiller, and the water is recycled during use to save water


Test station

Ø  Optional 3, 4 and 6 stations.

Ø  10N and 50N dead weights for loading

Ø  Specimen deformation is measured by Swiss made micrometer with resolution up to 0.001mm and measurement accuracy better than 0.005mm.

Ø  Temperature controller is Japan made RKC meter with accuracy better than 0.5℃.

Ø  Test station assembly is made of Invar Steel, with extremely small deformation at high temperature, which greatly improves test accuracy and stability.





Test station




Immersion bath volume




Heat transfer medium

Dimethyl   silicone oil, temperature to 300℃

Viscosity:   300 cSt, or 300 mm2/s

Known silicon oil   brand: DON CORNING PMX-200 350 cSt, Shin-Etsu KF96-300

Or   transformer oil, 10#, temperature to 200℃

Temperature sensor




Temperature range

Ambient   ~ 300℃

Temperature accuracy


Heating speed

Speed A


Speed B






Deformation measurement range


Deformation resolution


Deformation measurement accuracy


Vicat Loading capacity:

GA=10N±0.2N,   GB=50N±1N

HDT test

Method   A: USE FIBRE STRESS 1.80Mpa

Method   B: USE FIBRE STRESS 0.45Mpa

Method   C: USE FIBRE STRESS 8.00Mpa

HDT test span

Outer   span: 100mm, ASTM D648

Inner   span: 64mm, ISO 75

Maximum heating power


Power requirements

3-phase   AC380V±10%  50HZ  16A

Dimension (LxWxH)







45min   (280℃ to 25℃,   chiller is equipped)

Tanay Industries Corporation (Philipines)