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HDT VICAT testing machine


This series of HDT/VICAT testing machine is mainly used to determine temperature of deflection under load and Vicat softening temperature of thermoplastic plastics, pipes and fittings.


ISO2507, ISO75, ISO306, ASTM D648, ASTM D1525

GB/T 8802, GB/T 1633, GB/T 1634


Ø  HDT and VICAT test can be conducted at the same time

Ø  Switzerland made high precision micrometer provides high accurate displacement measurement with high stability

Ø  Up to six test stations, maximally up to six deformation transducers, and one temperature transducer

Ø  All test stations are motor-driven, raised from the bath by the touch of a button on the control panel, allowing easy placement of the test specimen

Ø  Water cooling and nature cooling are available

Ø  Professional test software with friendly interface, easy to operate

Ø  Once the software is started, the test is completely automatic and is performed according to the user-defined program. Upon test completion, it will automatically cool the bath to the starting temperature in preparation for subsequent tests. Using tap water, the temperature of the silicon oil can be reduced from a maximum of 300°C to 20°C.

Test software

Ø  Friendly and easy operation interface

Ø  Test resume function when a sudden shutdown happens

Ø  Powerful monitor function on test curve

Ø  Test curve can be real-time zoomed in

Ø  Multi-station test curves can be generated on a single report

Ø  Test report can be printed out

Ø  Test report can be exported to EXCEL for review and print


Tanay Industries Corporation (Philipines)