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TSE-B series (50N~10kN)


This series of testing   machine addresses the needs of standardized and routine testing, providing   the user high quality at the most affordable price. The dual column testing   systems with rugged structure are suited for tension and/or compression   applications. They are typically used for quality control and production   testing.

Typical   specimens

Small components,   reinforced plastics, metals, wire, composites, elastomers, wood products,   textiles, biomaterials, paper products, adhesives, foam, consumer products


·            Pre-loaded   ball screws and heavy duty bearings assure long life with zero backlash as   well as linear low force and through zero performance. The result is accurate   and repeatable measurements that truly represent the specimen characteristics   rather than load frame deficiencies

·            Fully-protected   lead screw covers provide longer life and greater operator protection

·            Easy-to-clean   aluminum column covers with chamfered corners to facilitate access to the   test area. T-slots are built in for simple, convenient attachment and   positioning of testing accessories

Driving   system

·            Japanese   YASAKAWA AC servo motor and arc-shape silent synchronous belt features   high-speed, low vibration, world-class, and maintenance-free

·            Germany   NORD gear reducer offers low noise, low heating, and high efficiency

·            Photoelectrical   encoder built in servo motor system is for position measurement of crosshead

Load   cell


·            High-   precision USA-made Interface load cell offers high stiffness, high stability,   and high linearity

·            Over-load   protection, lateral loading protection

·            Bi-direction   allows tension and compression test

·            Self-recognition   (TEDS) function

·            Regular   self-calibration

·            Working   temperature: -55~90


·            Imported   IC, more reliable

·            Up   to 1200Hz sampling frequency    

·            Up   to 1200Hz closed loop control frequency

·            20bit   resolution

·            16   digital input/output port      

·            Built-in   port for PC communication

·            Expandable   ports

·            Load   protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-speed   protect, and over-travel protection. 

Remote   control with display

·            Ergonomically-designed   and easy to operate

·            Fine   tuning knob

·            Test   start and stop operation

·            Crosshead   moving up, down, jog up, jog down

·            Display   of measurement channel: force, displacement, extension and etc.

·            Test   status display

·            Specimen   protection function



·            Multi-language   software with built-in English, Chinese and Russian, and user can customize   their own translation freely

·            Pre-packaged   test methods to help you quickly and efficiently meet the requirements of   global test standards such as ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN, BS, and more

·            Intuitive   expression for easy programming of testing standards and testing process

·            Testing   report can be customized according to the requirement

·            User   authorization: The administrator can assign different functions for different   level users

Analysis can give   typical test results like Young’s modulus, Proof stress, Yield stress,   stress, strain, Tensile strength, Elongation at break, compressive strength,   bending strength, etc….




Capacity (kN)


Test space

Single test   space


Class 0.5

Force measurement range


Force accuracy

Better than   ±0.50% of reading

Data sample frequency


Force resolution


Extension accuracy

Better than   ±0.50% of reading

Force resolution


Position accuracy

Better than   ±0.50% of reading

Position resolution (μm)


Crosshead speed (mm/min)


Crosshead speed accuracy

Better than   ±0.5% of setting

Crosshead travel (mm)


Test width (mm)


Machine dimension

Width x Depth x Height


Power requirement

Single-phase,   220V±10% VAC, 50/60Hz

Power consumption (kW)


Weight (kg)