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1000kN robotic automated tensile testing machine

This robotic provides fully automatic tensile test, including specimen loading, cross-section measuring, testing, specimen unloading, and data processing. 

Operators prepare specimens and position specimen on specimen rack. All processes are automatic: Robot will pick up specimen to measure cross-section, align the specimen and mount on grip, extensometer automatic gauge length adjusting, test, test data judging and processing, and collect broken specimens. Without changing any accessories (such as fixtures, etc.) of the test machine and without any adjustment or setting by the operator, the test specimens of various specifications can be continuously tested under different tensile conditions. 

Ø    Equipment control operation has a high level of automation (including control level and monitoring level), and operations that require manual assistance must follow the principles of simplicity, convenience, practicality, safety and reliability;

Ø    Equipment working environment: ambient temperature 10℃~40℃, ambient humidity 10%~90%;

Ø    The main parts and components of the equipment have a good service life. The warranty of the overall and the equipment are carried out for one year (from the date of acceptance), and the key components (extensometer, cross-section measuring device) are guaranteed for two years;

Ø    The equipment adopts high-quality parts and components to reduce maintenance. At the same time, the design fully considers the convenience of maintenance, and the consumable parts can be quickly replaced;

Ø    The equipment adopts 380V three-phase five-wire /220V single-phase three-wire, 50Hz power supply;

Ø    The data processing and transmission of the equipment has corresponding interface programs, which can transmit information with the computer of the thick plate inspection work area. The communication adopts TCP/IP and conforms to the IEEE 802.3 standard. The detailed communication requirements are determined after winning the bid;

Ø    The equipment can automatically determine the following test items: E, Fmax, Reh, Rel, Rp, Rt, Rm, Agt, Ag, A, A* (A* is the code for the fracture position of the specimen).

Equipment working: guarantee 24 hours continuous and stable work, with an annual effective 

Electrically driven, maximum load 1000KN

Load accuracy: 5 ~ 10kN grade 1; Above 10kN ≤0.5 grade

Host overload capacity :150%

Sampling frequency of each channel :2500Hz

Crosshead displacement resolution: 0.05um

Tensile test speed: 0.01 ~ 220mm/min full load negative

No-load crosshead displacement speed: 0.01 ~ 220mm/min

Speed accuracy: 0.5% (1 ~ 220mm/min)