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Automated compression testing machine (triple)


      Automatic concrete compression testing machine (triple) can continuously complete the compressive strength test of concrete. The testing machine is mainly composed of hybrid servo compression testing machine, six degrees of freedom manipulator, air grasp, vision system, hydraulic servo system and so on. The whole test process without the participation of personnel, can automatically complete the sample, sample information automatic scanning code identification, sample automatic alignment, automatic loading and unloading as well as after the end of the test of qualified and unqualified sample stacking and other processes, to achieve intelligent and automatic testing machine, greatly improve the work efficiency.


  • The main machine structure is safe and reliable, the overall rigidity is good;

  • Constant stress control and load holding function;

  • Imported gear pump and servo motor, quick response, low heat, low noise, high control accuracy;

  • The ball seat compression platen adopts fully enclosed double spherical structure, which has no clearance and is more reliable.

  • It can realize automatic scanning code identification of sample information, automatic alignment of sample, automatic loading and unloading, etc., and complete the whole process of the test automatically.




Max. force


Reading accuracy


Force range


Piston displacement accuracy


Platen diameter


Distance between platens


Piston travel


Specimen size

150×150×150mm, 100×100×100mm

Robot working range