Fully complete sets of testing machines installed

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Recently, a full set of material mechanical properties testing equipment developed and produced by WNACE. successfully passed the acceptance of a domestic university laboratory.

万测全套试验设备助力高校实验室材料性能测试69.pngThe complete sets of testing machines include electromechanical universal testing machine, servo-hydraulic universal testing machines, electromechanical torsion testnig machine, pendulum impact testing machine, gauge length marking machines. 


Under the cooperation and communication of many departments, we completed the production and installation of the complete set of testing machines on time and with high quality. After a period of debugging and trial operation, the customer organized relevant personnel to carry out strict tests on the performance indicators of the equipment. After verification, the full set of testing equipment have reached the acceptance standard, stable and reliable operation, highly recognized by customers.


    Faith will move mountains. Customers again choose WANCE equipment, is a huge affirmation and recognition of WANCE! In the future, WANCE will continue to provide customers with quality products and services.