Warmly celebrate the WANCE intelligent reinforcement test system in Maoming construction project quality inspection station officially put into use

2022-06-28   admin666

On the morning of June 21, 2022, the intelligent reinforcement test system tailored for Maoming Construction project quality Testing Station by WANCE Company was officially delivered and successfully put into use.  The delivery ceremony was held in Maoming Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau. Mr. An Jianping, honorary Chairman of WANCE Company, attended the ceremony and witnessed the delivery and use of the equipment. 

热烈庆贺万测智能化钢筋试验系统在茂名建工检测站正式投入使用147.png At the ceremony, the leaders of both sides made speeches to express their congratulations on the successful delivery ceremony, and expressed the hope that both sides of supply and demand could cooperate sincerely and strengthen communication, looking forward to the intelligent reinforcement test system developed by WANCE Company to bring a strong boost to the testing work of the steel intelligent laboratory of maoming Construction project quality testing station.  Mr. An also said in his speech, "Thank you very much for the kind invitation from the leaders of Maoming Construction Engineering Quality Testing Station. It's my honor to attend this delivery ceremony.  In the future, We will continue to take technology development as the core, to meet customer demand as the power, and strive to develop more advanced technology, reliable quality test products.  At the same time, I also wish maoming city construction project quality inspection station business is thriving, thriving!" 


      After the ceremony, the guests visited the steel intelligent laboratory of Maoming Construction inspection Station.  After the field boot operation, the equipment indicators fully meet the requirements of the test, the detection effect is good, the guests on the scene for the intelligent test concept, equipment application and software management system.  It is reported that the delivery of the test system mainly includes a set of 1000kN robot automatic electronic tensile testing machine (one tow two) and a set of 300kN robot automatic electronic tensile testing machine.  As an automated testing program that wantaobaoin recent years, the system can not only liberate the testing personnel from the work of high labor intensity and strong repeatability, but also comprehensively improve the testing efficiency, quality and service ability of users. 



  WANCE 1000 kn robot automatic measuring electronic tensile testing machine (1 for 2) by an electronic tensile testing machine, with automatic extensometer code system, weighing measuring equipment, ABB robot, sample frame, control system, software and so on, this equipment is mainly used in tension test to batch bar specimen, suitable for hot rolled ribbed steel bar tensile performance of automatic measurement,  It is an ideal testing equipment for industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, commodity inspection arbitration, technical supervision and other departments to carry out tensile test on bulk bar samples. 



     The successful delivery of the intelligent reinforcement test system marks the development of our intelligent and automated test scheme to a new level.  In the future, Wantai will continue to innovate and develop more and better testing machines.  In addition, we also hope that with the good prospects of the development of the domestic material mechanical properties testing market, we can continue to maintain closer cooperation with all walks of life, set heart and gather strength, create brilliant!