Mr. Ma Zhenzhu, chairman of China Building Materials General Institute, visited WANCE

2023-09-15   admin666

 In September, the sky is high and the clouds are light. Recently, Mr. Ma Zhenzhu, chairman of China Building Materials Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. visited WANCE. Ms. Fang Xianming, President of WANCE, warmly received.

China Building Materials Scientific Research Institute Co., LTD. (referred to as China Building Materials General Institute) is a wholly-owned secondary enterprise of China Building Materials Group, founded in 1950, is the first batch of building materials scientific research institutions in New China, creating a number of "zero" breakthroughs in the history of China's building materials science and technology, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of China's national economic construction and national defense military industry. It is known as "the cradle and birthplace of new China's building materials technology".

Leaders have visited the cultural exhibition hall, experience center and production workshop of WANCE, close inspection of electromechanical universal tensile testing machine, fatigue testing machine, automatic tensile testing machine, composite testing machine and so on. The two sides exchanged views and discussed the current situation and future development of the building materials inspection industry. 

Through this visit and exchange, China Building Materials General Institute has a more in-depth understanding of WANCE's production strength, product research and development, innovation ability and other aspects, laying the foundation for further cooperation. The two sides hope to give full play to their respective advantages, support each other and create a new win-win situation in the future!