WANCE made a wonderful appearance at the 2023 Civil Aircraft Airborne Systems and Equipment high-quality Development Forum

2023-10-28   admin666

Autumn in October, autumn crisp. The "2023 Civil Aircraft Airborne Systems and Equipment High-quality Development Forum" co-sponsored by the Aircraft Airworthiness Branch of the Chinese Society of Aeronautics, Shanghai Society of Aeronautics and Fujian Society of Aeronautics was successfully held in Xiamen, Fujian Province from October 26 to 27.

During the forum, Mr. Lin Zuoming, chairman of the Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, visited WANCE booth to guide the work, and conducted in-depth exchanges with Mr. Li Jin, the general manager of marketing, and was very concerned about the technological innovation of domestic testing machines. Mr. Li introduced the innovative technology of WANCE to the leaders in detail. The microcomputer-controlled composite testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine, high temperature vacuum creep performance testing system and so on have solved the mechanical properties testing problems of some advanced composite materials and high temperature materials in the aerospace field: For example, the whole strain control of composite materials/superalloys in high temperature environment, high temperature creep fatigue, high temperature low cycle fatigue, composite crack propagation, high temperature vacuum mechanics test of tiny samples, etc.

After listening to the general introduction of Li, Chairman Lin encouraged WANCE to continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation, spare no effort to solve the "jam neck" problem, and realize the localization of replacement. For the care of Chairman Lin, WANCE feels both intimate and encouraged. WANCE will not forget the original intention, careful study, create value for customers, and contribute more to the development of domestic scientific instruments.