The seminar on fatigue testing machine was successfully held

2023-11-29   admin666

On November 24, 2023, the beautiful river city of Wuhan welcomed guests from all over the world. Nearly 300 teachers, experts and scholars from all over the country gathered in the beautiful river city of Wuhan to explore the equipment technology in the field of fatigue testing, listen to the wonderful reports of many senior experts in the industry, and jointly visited the Wuhan production base of WANCE TESTING MACHINE. The atmosphere was warm and grand.


  At the beginning of the meeting, Ms. Fang Xianming, president of WANCE Company, warmly welcomed the teachers, experts and scholars who attended the meeting, and then Li Jin, general manager of marketing of Wantest company, reported the company's overview, main products, resource distribution, social effects, etc.



Mr. Tong Xiaoyan, a professor of Northwestern Polytechnical University and executive director of the National Fatigue Association, as the leader of the review team, entrusted by the China Machinery Industry Federation, read out the scientific and technological appraisal results of the Wanji electro-hydraulic servo fatigue testing machine, affirms the scientific and technological innovation of the Wanji fatigue testing machine, and the appraisal opinion believes that: "The comprehensive performance of this product is equivalent to that of similar foreign advanced products, and integrates the advantages of similar foreign products, and has reached the international leading level in seven aspects." 



In the expert report session, Mr. Zhang Zhefeng, secretary-general of the National Fatigue Association and a well-known scholar of the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a special lecture on "Component failure and material fatigue", in-depth analysis of the research results of material performance changes under long-term stress, which was warmly welcomed by the guests.


      Mr. Huang Xing, chairman of the company and director of the Research Institute, introduced the inheritance and innovation of the company in the key technology field of the testing machine with the report of "Development of key technology of fatigue testing machine" as the theme.

       Mr. Tian Feng, director of the Dynamic Calibration Laboratory of AVIC Beijing Great Wall Institute of Metrology and Testing Technology, introduced the key issues of "Measurement and Calibration of fatigue testing machine".


       Mr. Duan Qiqiang, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, deeply interpreted the research results of "High and low cycle fatigue and data processing of Metal materials", and shared valuable experience for colleagues in the industry.



Mr. Song Linxie, vice president of the Shenzhen Research Institute, made a report on "non-contact strain measurement technology", and reported the technical characteristics and application results of the video extensometer of the company.

With "Fatigue and fracture test Solution" as the core, Mr. Zheng Yongxin of Shenzhen Research Institute of WANCE introduced WANCE Company's multi-language and multi-function measurement and control software in detail, which was recognized and appreciated by the experts attending the meeting.

After the meeting, the guests visited the Wuhan R & D and manufacturing base of WANCE, the guests were shocked by the manufacturing base of more than 30,000 square meters of WANCE in Wuhan, and unanimously said that it was the largest R & D and production base of testing machine they had visited. For the company in the field of testing machine achievements sincerely expressed praise. The field investigation of the production, assembly and inspection process of WANCE products showed that the clean environment, regular process and rigorous attitude will certainly bring them reliable test equipment. 


The seminar on fatigue testing machine was successfully concluded. The company is looking forward to strengthening cooperation with experts and testing scientists through the exchange of this meeting, jointly promoting technological innovation in the field of testing machine in China, and contributing its due strength to the development of the field of material testing.