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Tabletop servohydraulic dynamic testing machine

Servohydraulic fatigue testing machine is mainly used for fatigue mechanical properties test of metal materials, composite materials and parts, biological bones, elastomers. It can realize tension, compression, bending, tension-compression loading. High cycle fatigue, low cycle fatigue, fracture mechanics and other tests are realized. There are load control, strain control, displacement control, sine-wave, triangular wave, trapezoidal wave and other waveform output.


  • Small structure, small footprint, can be placed on the desktop, beautiful appearance.

  • It can be equipped with manual wedge fixture, hydraulic fixture, compression fixture, bending fixture, fracture mechanics fixture, biological bone fixture, etc.

  • Corrosion tank can be configured, so that the sample in the environment of water, Nacl solution, acid, alkali solution fatigue test.

  • Crosshead height adjustment is convenient, hydraulic lifting and locking.

  • Base provides air spring damping, so that fatigue vibration is not transmitted to the surrounding.

  • Equipped with silent hydraulic power unit, low noise, low energy consumption, output flow can be adjusted.

Technical parameters:

Model numberHDT503AHDT104AHDT254A
Maximum loadDynamic (kN)±5±10±25
Static (kN)51025
Measurement accuracyLoad
Better than ±0.5% of the indicated value
ExtensionBetter than ±0.5% of the indicated value
DisplacementRelative accuracy is better than 0.5%FS
Dynamic testTest frequency (Hz)60
WaveformSine wave, square wave, triangular wave, trapezoid wave, oblique wave, custom waveform and so on
Amplitude (mm)The amplitude is determined according to the HPU displacement
Piston stroke (mm)100 (±50)
Control modeForce, displacement, deformation three closed loop control