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Engine connecting rod fatigue testing machine

The engine connecting rod fatigue testing machine is mainly used to test the dynamic fatigue characteristics of automobile engine connecting rod. Using electro-hydraulic servo control technology, force, displacement and deformation closed-loop control can be realized. With different fixtures and accessories, it can also be used for pulling, pressing, pressing, bending and other tests of conventional samples. Additional environmental testing equipment can also complete environmental simulation tests under high and low temperatures, salt spray and corrosion.

Technical parameters:

Maximum test force: ±800kN

Force accuracy: 0.5%

Cylinder stroke: 150mm

Displacement measurement component: 1μm

Displacement accuracy: 0.5%

Test frequency: 0.01 ~ 100Hz

Test waveform: sine wave, triangular wave, square wave, oblique wave, trapezoid wave, combined waveform, custom waveform, etc