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Servohydraulic fatigue testing machine

Servohydraulic fatigue testing machine is mainly used to test the dynamic characteristics of metal, non-metal and composite materials, structural parts, and can achieve sine wave, triangular wave, square wave and other waveforms. With different fixtures, mechanical tests such as pulling, pressing and pressing can be carried out. It can also be equipped with additional environmental test equipment to complete environmental simulation tests under high temperature, low temperature, salt spray and corrosion.

The test machine is a closed-loop servo control system composed of electrical controller, servo valve, load sensor, displacement sensor and computer, which can automatically and accurately control the test process, and automatically measure test parameters such as test force, displacement and deformation. The operation is flexible and convenient. The lifting of moving beam, locking and specimen clamping are all completed by the button operation. Advanced hydraulic servo drive technology is used to load, high-precision dynamic load sensor and high-resolution magnetostrictive displacement sensor are used to measure the force value and displacement of the specimen. Full digital measurement and control system to achieve force, deformation, displacement PID control, each control can be smoothly transformed. Test software in WINDOWS XP/Win7 Chinese environment, powerful data processing function, test conditions and test results automatically save, display and print. The test process is all controlled by computer.


Name                                 Description         

Maximum test force          2500kN

Force range:  50 ~ 2500kN (2%-100% FS of full scale)

Force reading accuracy: Within ±1%

Displacement measuring range: 0 ~ 200(±100)mm

Displacement resolution: 0.001 mm

Displacement accuracy:  0.01 mm

Test frequency: 0.01 to 20Hz

Test waveform: Sine wave, triangular wave, square wave, etc

Height space (bottom of cylinder piston to T-table): 300 ~ 1600mm(adjustable)

Internal effective width: Approx. 900mm

Overall dimensions (L × W × H): 1400×1400×4200mm

Weight (approx): 20000kg