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Alignment tester

This system is designed to assist machine operators when measuring and adjusting load string alignment. The software monitors the output from strain gauges mounted on either flat or round alignment cells. The outputs are used to calculate bending due to angular and concentric alignment errors.

For each of these components, the direction and magnitude of the bending is displayed both numerically and graphically. When the software is used in conjunction with the alignment fixture, the software identifies which adjustments are required and displays in real time the effect of the adjustments, enabling accurate machine set-up in just a few minutes.

The bending component of the alignment tester of the testing machine can be calculated by the strain code output of the strain gauge of the upper, middle and lower layers in the four directions of the sensor under the same force level. During the test, the sensor is clamped in the lower fixture, and the data is zeroed out; the upper fixture is stretched after clamping, and the data is calculated in real time and displayed on the screen. It can be checked or adjusted at 10%, 20% and other inspection points.

Electromechanical universal testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine and fatigue testing machine the maximum test force difference is large, flat jaws, vee jaws, so the choice of alignment electronics is according to need.

Alignment tester consists of alignment sensor, data acquisition card, computer and software.

The tester has 12 channels of data output, with four groups of upper, middle and lower respectively. The red dot represents the upper group, the green dot represents the middle group, and the blue dot represents the lower group. After the data acquisition card A/D conversion, the computer displays the coaxiality data, and the Angle and offset are displayed in the icon.