WANCE testing machines in Fugro MateriaLab

2018-04-12   WANCE

Fugro Materiallab Hongkong has bought 3 sets of 100kN UTM, 2 sets of 200kN UTM, 1 set of 2000kN UTM, and 1 set of pendulum impact testing machine. All these machines are working properly. 

Fugro is headquartered in Holland and listed on the Amsterdam Exchange. The Group can trace its history back to 1962 and now employs more than 13,600 staff stationed in over 50 countries around the world. Fugro's mission is to be the world's leading company and service provider in the collection and interpretation of data.

Testing, calibration, inspection and certification are part of the diverse range of services that Fugro offers. Through a comprehensive network of offices in China, Hong Kong and Macau, Fugro serves a wide spectrum of industries in the region, such as engineering and construction, environmental and health, product manufacturing, oil and petrochemical, property development and management, and service industry.

MateriaLab, one of the largest laboratories of Fugro, operates from it’s own premises which provides accommodation for 7,000 m² of laboratory space.  Services are provided by a workforce of approximately 280 staff primarily to the Hong Kong, Macau and China markets. MateriaLab is committed to high standards of quality, safety, environmental protection and customer service which are the core values that underlie Fugro's business.