Hydrostatic pressure tester installed in Tweetop Poland

2018-09-24   WANCE

In September 2018, WANCE successfully installed one hydrostatic burst testing machine in Tweetop Poland.

Tweetop is company with entirely Polish capital and board. Since 2001 company operates on both Polish and European market, constantly increasing product offer and area of operation.The main product of the company is the Tweetop system, based on multilayer pipes and press fittings - the most advanced system in the plastic pipe world. Tweetop offers pipes and fittings in dimension range of 14 – 75mm with all necessary tools and accessories dedicated to different application, from household to industrial ones.

Tweetop is a reliable old customer to Wance. They bought one 20kN electromechanical universal testing machine, one hydrostatic pressure tester and one melt flow indexer a  few years ago. 

This year Tweetop invested a new production line and bought one 16-station 15MPa hydrostatic pressure testing machine from WANCE. 

This machine is constructed with SIEMENS PLC, stainless water tank with water heating system. The software is integrated with Tweetop LIMS system.