ETM204C installed at Yanfeng India

2018-12-14   WANCE

WANCE installed one 20kN electromechanical universal testing machine with extended width in YANFENG India.

The ETM type C Series addresses the needs of standardized and routine testing, providing the user high quality at the most affordable price. The dual column testing systems are suited for tension and/or compression applications with load range requirements from 500N to 50kN. They are typically used for quality control and production testing.

Typical specimens: Small components, reinforced plastics, metals, wire, composites, elastomers, wood products, textiles, biomaterials, paper products, adhesives, foam, consumer products 

Environmental simulation: Environmental chamber 

New Features:

·          Robust guidance columns increase lateral stiffness and ensure linear crosshead travel. This results in accurate crosshead alignment thus reducing variability in measurement data and producing better overall accuracy

·          Non-clutched drives, rated for full speed at maximum force

·          Compact design saves lab space

·          Wider test width

YF India.jpg