750J pendulum Charpy impact tester with 900℃ furnace

2019-09-24   WANCE

In order to study material performance under dynamic impact at high temperature, WANCE testing machine #www.wance.net# developed one 750J pendulum impact testing machine with 900℃ furnace. It is equipped with pneumatic sample charging and feeding system, and instrumentation system to sample force. Professional testing software is able to plot force vs displacement graph.

This machine is developed for Korea Institute of Industrial Technology. It is successfully installed and commissioned.

Compare with ambient impact testing, or low temperature impact testing, testing at high temperature is quite challenging.

Engineers found good solutions to solve those difficulties.

  • Material deformation at high temperatuer: including charging and feeding device.

  • Specimen split: during charging, it may split.

  • Load cell cable melt: during impact, load cell and cable inside striker may get damaged.

If you are interested in the details, please email me sales@wance.net.cn. We can share more information to you.