Dextra 1000kN UTM installation

2018-04-04   WANCE

April 4, WANCE engineers finished installation, commissioning and training of 1000kN servo hydraulic universal testing machine in Dextra Thailand. This machine passed calibration by National Institute of Metrology (Thailand) (NIMT) with accuracy class A (ASTM) and Class 0.5 (ISO).

Established in 1983 by French expatriate entrepreneurs, Dextra Group has developed over a long history, during which it encouraged those with an entrepreneurial spirit and constantly strived towards innovation and growth, leading to diversification. Their three main activities are manufacturing, trading and freight forwarding, all within the construction and industrial sectors. Today, Dextra Group employs over 900 people worldwide, manufactures in three locations and operates in all countries operates through a network of direct subsidiaries and long-term partners. 

After two years of evaluation, DEXTRA selected WANCE as the qualified supplier of 1000kN servo hydraulic universal testing machine HUT206DP model, specifically for their coupler cyclic tension and compression tests.

HUT206DP is designed with side-action hydraulic grip, very helpful to perform cyclic tension and compression of couplers.  It complies with  AC 133, BS 8597, ISO 15835, JGJ107, BS 8110, BS4482, BS4483, BS4449,  ASTM A 1034.....

HUT series type DP servo-hydraulic universal testing machine is designed with up-mounted actuator structure. Bidirectional differential cylinder provides bidirectional control of tension and compression in one single space. Advanced side action hydraulic tensile grips provide high gripping performance for high strength and high hardness materials without any initial gripping force.

            Clearance-free structure and actuator up and down to adjust the test space offers easy operation and high efficiency. This machine is mainly used for tensile test of metallic materials. It provides closed loop control of constant force, constant displacement and constant extension, smoothly switching among them.

            Test results can be automatically calculated and be able to printed and exported. 


Load Frame Configuration: 4 columns, servo-controlled hydraulic

Capacity:  600kN, 1000kN, 2000kN

Test Space:  Single zone

Typical specimens:  Fasteners, rebar, chain, welds, castings