Almeer Kuwait for UTM and Pendulum Impact Tester

2018-10-22   WANCE

                                 Almeer Kuwait for UTM and Pendulum Impact Tester

Last week, we installed one 2000kN servo hydraulic compression testing machine for Almeer Kuwait.

Established in 1978. Almeer has progresssively advanced through challenging assignments to carve a successful niche as the provider of quality in a wide range of engineering needs among a distinguished and demanding list of clients in and around Kuwait . The company’s business offers a wide range of services to major industries in the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation activities and serves various process industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochmical, Power & Water, allied indstries etc.

Almeer bought our pendulum impact tester (450J) and servo hydraulic tensile testing machine (1000kN) in 2015, then they made the decision to buy WANCE machine again in 2018 based on our machine quality and good service.