Automated tensile testing system

2020-07-03   WANCE

At present, the world is experiencing a new round of transformation with highly coupled and overlapping technology, industry and capital, and major breakthroughs are being made in the fields of information, materials, manufacturing and energy.In particular, the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet of things and artificial intelligence has provided an important driving force for robot innovation and reform, and the automatic material testing system has provided a guarantee for intelligent laboratory and digital assembly line work.Wantei has developed a series of automatic test systems with the help of industrial-grade robot system, such as automatic electronic tensile test system, automatic impact test system, automatic concrete pressure test system and so on.

The robot automatic electromechanical tensile testing machine in the case of unattended, continuous batch complete automatic tension test, the system function mainly covers the specimen size automatic measurement, automatic clamping, automatic clamping extensometer, tensile test fracture sample completion, automatic unloading and sorting, automatic test data processing and calculation, and display a variety of curve, data automatic storage and upload to the server, and other functions.

System features:

1. The system works continuously and stably for 24 hours without the participation of personnel and gives automatic fault alarm;

2. Automatic measurement, recording, calculation and storage of sample data;

3. Automatic adjustment of the distance of the extender and automatic clamping of the measuring arm;

4. The whole test is closed-loop control, which can realize the control of stress, strain and displacement rate, and can also be converted to each other;

5. Original Measurement and control system from Germany, with the highest sampling frequency up to 2500Hz;

6. Automatic sample sorting. The robot can sort and recycle qualified and unqualified samples.