Core idea

-- Customer-oriented

Consistent customer service is the only reason for the existence of Wantest, customer demand is the driving force of Wantest, Wantest adhere to customer-centric, rapid response to customer needs, continue to create long-term value for customers and achieve customer success. To provide customers with efficient service, is our work direction and value evaluation of the scale, the achievement of customers is to achieve our own.

-Quality is the root

Any outstanding technology, products and services, only excellent quality, can be recognized by customers and create value for customers. Wantest adhere to the quality oriented, around customer needs and continuous innovation, is the strong way Wantest company identified.

-- Based on diligence

Wantest does not have any scarce resources to rely on, only hard work to win the trust of customers. Diligence is reflected in all work activities that create value for customers, as well as efforts to enrich and improve themselves in the process of work. We adhere to the principle of hard work, so that those who work hard can get a reasonable return in their efforts.

-- Skill comes first

We know that technology is the direct embodiment of the company's hard power, and it is also the cornerstone of Wantest to provide better service to customers. For technology, we tirelessly pursue breakthroughs, customer needs first, aiming to develop more reliable and trustworthy products for customers, and contribute their own strength to the scientific and technological progress of China's testing machine industry.

Enterprise vision

--In testing machine and test technology field, be the primary and reliable partner for customer, and be the top world creative and honorable enterprise.

With the vigorous development of the global testing machine industry, we are ready to sprint, with our courage, wisdom and experience, interpret our understanding of the testing machine, listen to customer requirements, create a cost-effective testing machine suitable for customers, increasingly meet the emerging market demand for a variety of new testing machines, through meeting customer needs, develop and grow our own, Become a popular testing machine enterprise, into the forefront of the world's testing machine suppliers.

Enterprise Mission

-- Based on the field of testing machine, focus on customer needs, continuous technological innovation, strive to create value for customers, and strive for employees to achieve their ideals.

Testing machine as the main business, self-improvement, committed to intelligent, fully automated testing machine products, to the international outstanding enterprises as an example, to technology as the foundation, adhere to independence, climb the peak of technology, pioneering and innovative spirit, quality as the fundamental, to create testing machine boutique, to meet customer needs, to complete the aspirations of each employee in the early stage of entrepreneurship as the responsibility of the test. Let our career progress every day, year after year!

Quality policy

-- Reasonable design and careful assembly beyond the standard pursuit of excellence

This is both our quality policy and our business philosophy.

The blacksmithing also has its own hard, all the test people firmly believe that there is no reasonable design, no better assembly, no better debugging, but also make bricks without straw, heroes have no use. Wanji outstanding technical team, to ensure that all the design is reasonable, efficient, energy-saving, to ensure that customers buy peace of mind, with peace of mind. Wantest has experienced mechanical, electrical, hydraulic assembly personnel, as well as perfect measuring instruments and daily maintenance, as well as qualified high-quality quality inspection personnel, to ensure high quality products.

The test method standard is only to meet the general requirements, and we require our test machine to exceed the standard, to create the added value for customers, so that customers fully feel the value for money.

Customer problems are the source of our innovation, but also our motivation to constantly challenge ourselves, we provide not only testing machines, but also a package of solutions for customers to solve problems.